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Five Drawer Mounting Types

Author: venusgeng

Aug. 16, 2022

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Tags: Hardware

The rules change between top and bottom mounting when it comes to knowing where to install. But first, here are five types of drawer slide mounting locations.


1. Top mounts are connected to the “top” of the cabinet or furniture opening and side of the drawer.

2. Side mounts are connected on the side of the drawer and cabinet.

3. Bottom mounts are attached to the bottom of the drawer and side of the cabinet.

4. Meanwhile, undermounts are two slides attached to the underneath (invisible) of the drawer and side of the cabinet.

5. And lastly a center mount is single slide found on the bottom of the drawer (not visible).


OK, so why are there five types? Well, the construction, aesthetics, function and cost of the cabinet or furniture dictate the different slides.


Let's explore each type and what makes them unique.


Slim Drawer Slides

Slim Drawer Slides

1. Types of top-mounted drawer slides

As the name implies, these slides are mounted at the top of the opening, but mounted on the side of the drawer.



Common Use: Pencil drawers on tables without side or bottom openings.

Popularity: Because of the design of these slides, they are often restricted to keyboard trays or pencil drawers.


Purchase considerations:

Look for a full extension or overtravel to allow full access to drawer contents.

Since the full weight of the drawer and its contents are on the screws, make sure you have the best screws with strong threads.

Features such as soft close or push open are less common in this type of sliding.


Drawer Slides

Drawer Slides

2. Bottom mounting type of drawer slides

Do you think bottom mount slides will be installed at the bottom of the cabinet? Because, of course, it is the opposite of "top".


Bottom mount drawer slides are installed on the bottom edge of the drawer and on the side of the cabinet. However, this makes this type of slide very easy to install, because each slide has a fixed mounting position.



Common uses: All types of cabinets and furniture.

Popularity: due to the low cost of these slides (installed in millions of kitchens).


Purchasing considerations:

For face-frame cabinets, use rear mounting brackets and 5/8" or 3/4" screws (shorter screws can be used if desired).

This slide type does not offer features such as soft close or push open. In addition, 1" of top drawer clearance is required to install and remove the drawer.

For most drawers, bottom mount slides are a good starting point. Remember to purchase the rear mounting brackets for face frame cabinets.



Garis is the earliest domestic professional manufacturer that independently researches, develops, produces and sells cabinet furniture damping drawer slides, basket damping slides, and hidden silent wooden slides.


Slim Tandem - Ubox Drawer Slide - BL Slim Inner Drawer Tandem Box

Slim Tandem - Ubox Drawer Slide - BL Slim Inner Drawer Tandem Box

3. Undermount Type Of Drawer Slides

It mounts underneath the drawer and is invisible when the drawer is pulled open after installation.

Common uses: All types of cabinets and furniture.

Popularity: Usually used for high-end furniture and cabinets due to its high price.


Purchase considerations:

These slides are typically available in 18" and 21" lengths.

Drawers will be slightly shorter than standard drawers due to the rear locking mechanism mounted on the back of the slide.

Best suited for new drawers rather than retrofits.


4. Side Mount Type of Drawer Slides

Most likely you have a cabinet, piece of furniture, filing cabinet or tool box with large steel drawer slides on the side of the drawer.


Of all the types of drawer slides, side-mounted slides are the most popular in the widest range of applications. And, they are almost always of ball bearing steel design, about 1-3/4 inches high and 1/2 inch thick.


As their name implies, they are (simply) mounted on the sides of drawers and cabinets.

Common uses: All types of cabinets and furniture.

Popularity: All types of drawers, work best in heavy-duty applications.


Purchase considerations.

Choose features carefully - especially soft close.

For drawer weights over 100 pounds, use heavy-duty drawer slides.

Always use rear mounting brackets for face frame cabinets.

Use drawer sliding clamps for installation.

Ideal for retrofit drawer applications.


5. Center Mount Drawer Slides Type

This last type of drawer slide is the least common (outside of factory furniture). And for good reason, as it is usually a single slide mounted in the center of the bottom of the drawer.


While many variants of this type of drawer slide have been used in furniture applications (wood and metal).

Common Uses: Dresser drawers Popularity: Typically used in the manufacture of dressers and factory furniture.


Purchase considerations.

Usually purchased as aftermarket replacement slides.

Be sure to check slide lengths, rear mounting requirements, drawer bottom clearance and drawer edge "side roller" requirements.

The source is from here.



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