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Main Advantages of Powder Filling Machine

Author: Marie

Aug. 08, 2022

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Tags: Hardware

Powder filling machine is specially designed and developed for filling milk powder or common food powder into various forms of containers such as metal cans, plastic containers, glass bottles, etc. Made of all stainless steel, it meets food hygiene standards. The powder is filled using a high-precision servo-controlled auger, and the weight of the contents is reviewed by weighing, and any container that is over or under weight is ejected. We can form a complete powder can filling line with other machines such as empty can feeding and container capping or sealing machines. Automatic single, double or triple filling heads are available, depending on the required volume.


Main Advantages of Powder Filling Machine


Main advantages of the powder filling machine.

✺Using screw meter to complete metering and filling, suitable for metering different kinds of powder materials.

✺ Reliable PLC control with precision servo-controlled screw metering system ensures high precision and repeatability.

✺ Adopt PLC double pull or single pull film structure film feeding system, and adopt motor automatic deflection correction device for sealing and cutting position.

✺Safe and hygienic, removable safety glass cover for dustproof.

✺All stainless steel SUS304 meets GMP requirements.

✺ Easy to adjust the height of spiral packing without tools.

✺Safety limit switch for hazardous area.

✺ Easy-to-clean, quick-open fill hopper and open fill platform for easy access and cleaning.

✺Large display touch screen forms the core of the drive control, maximizing the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.

Powder filling machine and metering device can automatically complete all packaging processes such as metering, feeding, filling, bag making and date printing.



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