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What are the benefits of aluminum windows?

Author: Marie

Aug. 02, 2022

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What are the benefits of aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows are often associated with corporate and commercial structures and tend to have a typically industrial look and feel. Aluminum windows for your home offer the benefits of commercial windows and provide the longevity and reliability you won't see in vinyl or wood windows.

● Longevity - Aluminum windows are durable and have a longer lifespan than vinyl windows. With proper care and maintenance, your windows can last 40-50 years. They are strong, durable and very long lasting. Compare that to wood windows, which take an average of 10-15 years to require maintenance or repair. Plus, aluminum doesn't degrade like vinyl does.

● Advances in energy efficiency - In the past, aluminum was considered less energy efficient than vinyl. Advances in technology have made great strides for aluminum windows. Double-glazed aluminum windows can be as energy efficient as vinyl windows. Additional coatings can be applied to help improve energy efficiency, and insulation can be enhanced with thermal breaks that prevent a lot of heat and cold from being transferred into your home.

● Better security - Security is also a top consideration when purchasing new windows. Aluminum is a stronger and more durable material than vinyl and offers structural advantages due to its strength of construction. In addition, the quality and design of the locks help improve the security level of the windows.

● Stronger than vinyl windows - If you want a window with larger glass or weatherproofing, aluminum is a better choice than vinyl windows because it is stronger. To get the same level of protection from vinyl windows, the cost increases by 25-30%, making vinyl a more expensive option compared to aluminum windows.

● More modern styling - Aluminum has a sleek and modern look, offering different finish and color options for homeowners looking to go beyond the status quo. Fewer frames and a slimmer profile offer a more streamlined, modern aesthetic than bulky vinyl windows. Aluminum frames also allow for larger panes of glass, better views and more light in your home.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Windows

Some of the disadvantages of aluminum windows we discuss here can be mitigated with additional options, while others are minimal and may not be a deciding factor in purchasing aluminum windows over vinyl.

● Aluminum windows cost more than vinyl - If you are looking for durable windows, even if the upfront cost is higher, the cost of aluminum windows will be lower in the long run.

● Efficiency- Aluminum conducts heat and cold and is a poor insulator in its own right. Vinyl is more energy efficient, but recent advances in aluminum windows, such as coatings and insulation, have helped improve their efficiency to be comparable to vinyl.

Non-traditional style - If you are looking for "window style windows", then aluminum is not for you. The strength and construction of aluminum windows allow for more glass and more unique designs, such as tilt and turn windows. They are a great solution for new windows with multiple opening and tilting options, unlike traditional top and bottom windows. Unless you want a basic traditional window, this is certainly not a disadvantage.

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