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Why Opt For Soft Braided Cotton Rope?

Author: CC

Aug. 02, 2022

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Tags: Hardware

Braided Cotton Rope is a firm, round, braided cord. The Solid Braid Cotton Rope is made from 100% natural cotton yarn with no finish and is commonly referred to as cotton weeping cord. This product is used extensively in masonry and brick work.


Product Details

Braided Cotton Rope, also known cotton sash cord, is soft and pliable, and easy to operate with one hand, Smooth 12-carrier solid braided cotton yarn provide greater abrasion resistance. No loading in center. Soild braided does not unravel when cut as much as other constructions. Cotton is one kind of natural fiber, it can degrade under natural condition, Braided Cotton Rope is very eco-friendly materials. Braided Cotton Rope widely uses in our daily life, such as sash cord,macrame, plant handing decor, home improvement projects and more other crafts.Baron New Materials provides Braided Cotton Rope with high quality and produced in China.

Other applications for this product includes:

Window Sash Cord

Awning Cord

Tent Lines

Clothes Line


Quick Details

Specifications: 5mm--16mm                               Material: Cotton

Type: Solid braided                                             Product name: Braided Cotton Rope

Length: Customized Length                               Color: various

Usage: Construction, packing, fishing. transport, recreational marine.  safety & rescue, working at height, crane, mining, etc.

As cotton is a staple, soft-on-hands material, these natural ropes can be used for a range of uses and are especially ideal for handmade projects and crafting:

Perfect for upholstery

Basket making

Dream catchers

Wall hangers

Bohemian decor



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