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Your Guide on Die Cutting Machines

Author: Marie

Aug. 10, 2022

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Tags: Hardware

Die-cutting machines are essential for many businesses, from small print shops to large manufacturing facilities. Various industries, such as the packaging, signage, and graphic arts industry, use die-cutters to cut various materials into customized shapes. Some commercial die-cutting machines can also emboss, perforate, crease, form, and laminate. This article will identify the various types of die-cutting machines, their uses, and their pros and cons.


Manual Versus Automatic Die-Cutting Machines

The most basic classification among die-cutting machines is between manual and automatic die-cutting machines. In the manual machine, the operator must feed sheets of material by hand. That is tedious, slow, and labor-intensive. The automatic machine continuously feeds sheets of material for cutting. That is efficient and fast, resulting in higher productivity.


Flatbed Versus Rotary Die-Cutting Machines

Industries use industrial die-cutting machines for high-volume production. For instance, the packaging industry uses them to create boxes, cartons, and other packaging products. The sign-making industry uses them to cut vinyl, acrylic, and other materials into shapes used for signage and displays. In the graphic arts industry, they are used to cut paper, cardstock, and other materials into specific shapes for card making, scrapbooking, and other crafts.

The two main types of industrial die-cutting machines are flatbed and rotary die-cutting machines.


Flatbed Die-Cutting Machines

The big, heavy-duty hydraulic flatbed die-cutting machine, also called the platen die-cutting machine, is more common.

Its advantages are:

● It can cut large sizes of materials.

● It can cut a wide range of thin and thick materials and sheets and rolls.

● It can cut close groups of shapes, reducing the wastage of materials.

● It is more affordable than the rotary die-cutting machine.



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