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10 Things to Consider When Buying Custom Makeup Sponge

Author: Geoff

Jun. 10, 2024

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Tips On How Makeup Sponges Differ From Makeup Brushes

Many people don&#;t understand the difference between makeup sponges and makeup brushes. Both products can be used on makeup. Why distinguish between different products to sell? For our custom makeup brushes manufacturer, because we understand the material and production process of the product better than ordinary consumers, The function of both will be more clearly understood. We have 10 tips to tell you the difference between the two.

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First, let&#;s understand the definition of makeup sponges and makeup brushes on authoritative websites.

Makeup sponges, also called cosmetic sponges, are used to apply and remove certain types of makeup, moisturizer, and cleanser. Depending on the purpose, they can be found in wedge shapes, round puffs, infused with Vitamin E, smooth, rough, porous, dense, or any other shape or texture required to achieve the best application or removal of a product.

A makeup brush is a tool with bristles, used for the application of makeup or face painting. The bristles may be made out of natural or synthetic materials, while the handle is usually made out of plastic or wood. &#; from Wikipedia.

These 10 tips will make you think more professionally when buying

1. Price

There is a big difference in price between the two, The price of makeup sponges is much lower than makeup brushes. if it is a set of makeup brushes and makeup sponges, the price will become huge gaps. Because the price of raw materials makeup sponges are cheaper than makeup brushes, More complex production process of

cosmetic brushes. As a custom makeup brushes manufacturer, We know both very well, no doubt about our professionalism. If the merchant&#;s offer for makeup sponges is the same as or similar to makeup brushes, then makeup brushes are a better choice.

2. Materials

  • As mentioned above, the raw materials of the two are different. Cosmetic sponges&#; raw materials are mainly latex and non-latex. Latex is the mainstream material for cosmetic sponges, which can be divided into three material series: NR natural latex, NBR nitrile latex, and SBR styrene-butadiene latex. Because latex is an allergen, now use more non-latex raw materials, It is a hydrophilic polyurethane material. If you are allergic to latex, choose makeup sponges carefully. An intuitive difference between the two is that non-latex makeup sponges are easy to absorb water and swell when touched.
  • The makeup brush composes of three parts, the bristles, the handle, and the ferrule, among them, the bristles are more important, The more expensive raw materials are also bristles. Commonly used bristles can include natural hair and synthetic hair, the most cost-effective natural bristle is #2 goat wool which will be widely used. Synthetic bristle is mainly fiber hair and Tafre fiber, Because Tafre fiber is a patented product, don&#;t discuss it here Because Tafre fiber is a patented product, don&#;t discuss it here. So now more of natural synthetic nylon hair is used. Some people are allergic to animal products, and it is more suitable to choose nylon wool.

3. Product Size

  • The size of the makeup sponge is relatively arbitrary. whatever the shape, can be made in different sizes as required, and the cost will be lower. The more popular beauty blender is invented by the holder of the beautyblender® trademark now, like a teardrop-shaped makeup sponge, This product is available in many sizes.
  • The size of the makeup brush is limited by the product mold, available in regular sizes on the market, However, for size of some special requirements, additional molds need to be opened, cost will become higher, Small quantities are not worth it. Because the handle of the makeup brush needs to match the ferrule, the size of each product is not much difference between different suppliers.

4.Which Body Part Is Suitable to Use

  • Makeup sponges have a larger area of contact with the skin. In addition to applying foundation on a large area of the face, The modification of other facial details is not suitable to use this product. But this product is very suitable for makeup on face, neck, back of hands, and even limbs. Easy to use, fast and spreads evenly.
  • Makeup brushes rely entirely on the bristles to apply makeup, No matter how inseparable the bristle is, how rich the bristle is, It definitely has less contact area with the skin than a makeup sponge, But makeup brushes are very good for detail modification, such as concealer, highlighter, etc. makeup sponges are hard to do. More importantly, the makeup brush can be consisted a set according to the shape of the bristles and functions, each makeup brush is highly targeted.

5. Which Type of Cosmetics Is Suitable

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  • Makeup sponges are ideal for liquid and paste cosmetics, such as liquid foundation, primer, sunscreen, sunscreen oil etc. Easy to push away in touch with skin, cosmetics is more even on the skin.
  • Makeup brushes are better for the face, both liquid and powder foundations can use it. for example concealer, eye shadow, mascara, etc. Just choose the right makeup brush to use

6.Use Period

The use period of sponge makeups is definitely not as long as makeup brushes.A good quality makeup sponge lasts for a while,Poor quality products start peeling off after not much long time use and can&#;t be used. As long as the bristles are well maintained, makeup brushes can be used for several years without breaking.

7.Makeup Skill

  • This is very difficult to judge, if according to the above, Makeup sponge to apply foundation on the face or neck, In fact, a makeup novice can do it. But you have to use its different shapes to modify the local, special is eyes makeup, that requires great skill, it is very difficult for ordinary people to do.
  • Makeup brushes are better tools than sponges. But it&#;s not easy to draw a good makeup look. In order to look for a well useful makeup brush, people bought many brushes for trial. Everyone&#;s usage is different, whether a makeup brush is good or not, everyone has their own opinions, using makeup brushes to apply makeup still requires certain skills, Continuous learning is required to improve.

8. Cleaning

  • Wash the makeup sponge with clean water in time after use. wash off surface and interior makeup, Put it in a shadow place to dry, avoid sun exposure.
  • The cleaning of makeup brushes mainly wash the bristles, Wash with a neutral shampoo or professional detergent, and take special care not to run water into the ferrule, if it flows in, dry it in time. Otherwise, the hair will loosen easily. After cleaning, put it in a shadow place to dry, Do not use the hot air of a hair dryer to dry.

9. Logo

  • VT Cosmetics is a custom makeup brushes manufacturer, So I know more about how to make a logo. Many brands will require their own brand logo to customize the product. For example, the makeup sponge&#; logo is relatively monotonous, and can only be done on the surface of the product. Generally, the engraving method is used, the color can only be the same as the product color.
  • The makeup brush logo has more choices, can be done on the handle or the ferrule. Logo color can choose any pantone® color number, This logo is more conspicuous and can also match the design of the brand. Because the ferrule material is aluminum or copper, besides print, also can laser engrave logos on it. because the handle position is not wide, it is suitable for the font logo.

10. Difficulty Of Producing

  • Cosmetic sponges&#; production is basically by fully automatic machines. In addition to inspection and packaging, use less labor. The amount that can be produced in one day is quite impressive.
  • Makeup brushes are assembled entirely by hand. all steps, including Dun Mao, making hair shapes, pressing tubes, and assembling handles, need to be done manually by workers one by one. the output of a skilled worker in a day is not much. In addition, try to make every brush exactly the same, the difficulty of production can be imagined. The more manual production steps of customized products, the more difficult the production process must be.


These tips give you a clear idea of the difference between makeup brushes and sponges. there will be more professional knowledge to judge when purchasing in the future. Secondly, from the perspective of a professional custom makeup brushes manufacturer, tell you why makeup brushes are more expensive than makeup sponges, why are the logos of different brands of makeup sponges the same. finally, talk about how to clean their two products to keep them used for a longer time

Custom Beauty Sponges

Yes! You can get custom beauty sponges in a wide range of eco-friendly options. For example, some beauty sponges have 40% plant-based materials. Others are 100% biodegradable. You can also get sponges that are bio-based.

Contact us to discuss your requirements of Custom Makeup Sponge. Our experienced sales team can help you identify the options that best suit your needs.



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