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Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine with Material Knowledge

Author: Hou

Jul. 13, 2022

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Tags: Machinery

Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine with Material Knowledge

Mineral water, drinks, these are common drinks in our daily lives, with the development of modern society, for the prevalence of portable drinking supplies, we not only have different requirements for the composition and taste of drinking supplies, there are also different requirements for the container for drinking supplies, automatic bottle blowing machine also came into being, so the question arises, what kind of material is suitable to do which kind of container?


Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine with Material Knowledge

High Speed PET Beverage/ Water Bottle Blowing Machine


We understand the process of making plastic bottles, know how it comes, from raw materials to molding, now basically can rely on a fully automatic blowing machine to solve the problem, but we have to examine the issue of materials used:.

1. polyethylene terephthalate ----01 PET (PET bottle) is suitable for mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles

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2. high-density polyethylene ----02 HDPE suitable for cleaning liquid, bath products containers

3. Polyvinyl chloride ----03 PVC is suitable for containers for architectural paints

4. Low density polyethylene ----04 LDPE is suitable for making cling film, plastic film and other sealing materials

5. Polypropylene -----05 PP This material can withstand temperatures above 100 degrees and is suitable for use as microwave lunch boxes

6. polystyrene ----06 PS heat-resistant 60-70 degrees, loaded with overheated liquid or water, it will release toxic substances, suitable for making bowls of noodle boxes, fast food boxes

 The rest of the number is used to make water bottles, cups, milk bottles, etc., but here we strongly recommend that the above listed material products, after one use, do not reuse, especially some heat-resistant, once the hot water or overheated other liquids, will release toxic substances, and the liquid mix after drinking, will cause great damage to the human body, the light is some internal dysfunction. Seriously, it is a matter of life and death.

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