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Raycom Attend the 6th China (Kunming) South Asia Social Public Security Technology Expo 2023

Author: Ingrid

Aug. 02, 2023

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Tags: Electrical Equipment & Supplies


Raycom participated in the 2023 China (Kunming) South Asia Social Public Security Technology Expo from July 19th to 21st, and was awarded the honor of "Recommended Brand for Safe City Construction" by the conference.

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The theme of this exhibition was "Converging Minds, Innovating the future". The exhibition revolved around two centers - public security and fire emergency response. It covered video surveillance, optical communication, LED, emergency rescue, fire safety, building access control, optical cables, data platforms for one-card access, switches, gate barriers, campus security, smart cities and other industry areas.

Raycom exhibited products were the vibration fiber optic perimeter alarm system for security zones and the precision positioning fiber optic intrusion detection system. Raycom also received an honorary certificate as a "Recommended Brand for Safe City Construction".

The zone type fiber optic perimeter alarm system for security zones can support any combination of 1-32 security zones. The sensing cable can be laid along fences, walls, or underground with high reliability and easy maintenance.

The precision positioning fiber optic intrusion detection system is independently developed by our company, which can analyze and identify various intrusion behaviors and accurately locate the intrusion point (location accuracy of 1 meter). It can achieve 24-hour real-time detection of long-distance fiber optic perimeter defense. This product has received extensive attention from integrators, exhibitors, etc.

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