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What is a valve grinding machine?

Author: Helen

Jul. 13, 2022

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Tags: Rubber & Plastics

Valve grinding machine, consisting of a power part, a transmission part, a grinding head part and a support part, said transmission part consists of a transmission shaft, an input gear pair and an output gear pair, the power part is connected to the active gear shaft in the input gear pair of the transmission part through a connector, and the output end of the transmission part is connected to the grinding head through the output gear pair; the output end of the transmission shaft is inserted into a flat square hole at one end of a flat square connecting sleeve, and the flat square hole at the other end of the flat square connecting The output end of the drive shaft is inserted into the flat square hole at one end of the flat square connecting sleeve, and the flat square hole at the other end of the flat square connecting sleeve is matched with the active gear shaft in the output gear pair, and the output gear in the output gear pair engages with the large bevel gear in the grinding head part; the said drive shaft is placed in the fixed seat, and the output gear pair and the active gear shaft are placed in the tee gear sleeve, and the fixed seat is connected with the tee gear sleeve; the said bracket part is associated with the fixed seat. It has the characteristics of smooth working, high transmission torque, is not easy to damage, is easy to adjust, and can use air and electric motors.


The valve grinding machine is mainly used to repair the valve, flange sealing surface and other mating surfaces that need precision sealing, it makes the mating surfaces close together by grinding the valve spool, valve seat, flange sealing surface, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of valve and flange sealing. This machine is suitable for electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries with the concentrated pipe-valve transmission of gas, water, oil transmission valve sealing surface repair.

 Valve Seat Grinding Machine

Valve grinding machine types

A. Portable, desktop valve grinder.

This kind of valve grinder product, its portable function is to solve the welding, overweight, inconvenient disassembly of the valve, in the installation site maintenance prepared; desktop grinder is to solve the disassembly state, in the workshop fast, high-quality grinding required, each to take the convenience. In short, portable for inconvenient disassembly of the valve online repair and off-line repair, desktop for the site valve off-line repair.


B. High-pressure mouth flange grinding machine.

Used for fertilizer production in ammonia, urea workshop lens pad pipe flange and valve flange grinding repair, repair high efficiency.


C. Octagonal pad flange grinding machine.

Used in oil refining and natural gas industry, grinding and repairing of pipe flanges and valve flanges connected with octagonal pads, the equipment adopts fixed or portable structure, easy and efficient operation.



MJ-400 portable valve grinding machine is a new generation of products developed to adapt to on-site maintenance of gate valves. It has the following advantages: reduce labor intensity, improve labor efficiency, replace imported products and reduce maintenance costs. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, steel mills, power plants, etc.


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(1) The machine is equipped with three claw frames, the machine can be fixed on the valve body when working, reducing the extra work intensity while ensuring the machine's stability.

2)The front end of the spindle is equipped with a telescopic sleeve controlled by a pressure spring, which can adjust the axial pressure and make the spindle work in a flexible working condition.

3)The output end of the spindle adopts universal coupling, which can compensate for the deviation of verticality of machine installation to a certain extent.

4)The driving system is driven by speed-regulating motor, which can adapt to the coarse and fine grinding of various valves and is easy to operate. The motor can run in both positive and negative directions.

5)Three claw frame with three claws is synchronized. High repositioning accuracy after replacing sandpaper.


Technical specifications

1) Grinding diameter: Dia118-Dia450mm DN100-400mm( 4"-16")

2) Used for valve seat of flat globe valve, valve seat of safety valve.

3)Spindle speed (rpm): 0-900,0-2800

4)Maximum grinding depth:850 mm

5)Power supply: 220 V/50Hz

6) Motor power: 1100W


With 24 years of export experience, our valve grinding equipment, valve test bench and valve pressure test bench are welcomed in the international market. Welcome to contact us.

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